Friday, February 26, 2021

Week of March 1 thru March 5

 Bible memory verses  Isaiah 53:7-12, test April 1, 2021

                                  SPIRIT WEEK  2021

                                     With God


Is Impossible  Luke 1:37

Spirit Week 2021

My Many Colored Monday - wear as many colors as you can!

Top hat Tuesday  - wear your favorite hat and/or stripes

Wacky Wednesday =- be mismatched/ wacky socks;/dress like the Lorax with a mustache on your mask

Theodore Thursday - dress like your favorite Seuss character

Feeling Comfy Friday -– wear pajamas (pj pants) and get ready for DEAR day!

Monday - Homework study Spelling list 20  1-20 words only

                                    WV History study guide, 

Tuesday - Spelling pretest list 20

                 WV History Test

                  Homework - Spelling list 20

Wednesday - Spelling Test list 20

                  NO HOMEWORK

Thursday- introduce Spelling list 21

                Homework  Study Spelling list 21

Friday- Homework Spelling list 21

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Week of February 22 thru February 26

 Bible memory verses  Isaiah 53:1-6, test Friday, Feb. 26

Monday WV History quiz - surrounding states, 5 largest cities and state symbols

               Homework Spelling list 19, words 1-20

Tuesday Spelling pretest list 19

               Homework Spelling list 19

                                   Science chapter 7 study guide, test on Thursday

Wednesday  Spelling test list 19

                     NO HOMEWORK

Thursday introduce Spelling list 20

                Science chapter 7 test

                 Homework Spelling study list 20

                                    Bible Isaiah 53:1-6, test on Fri

                                    WV History quiz, timeline, on Fri

Friday  Bible test Isaiah 53:1-6

             WV History quiz

              Homework  Spelling list 20

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Week of February 15 thru February 19

 Bible memory verses  Isaiah 53:1-6,  test  February 26, 2021

We are currently studying WV History.  Students need to collect pictures to complete My State Notebook.

Most of the work will be completed in the classroom.

Enjoy your Snow Day.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Week of Feb 8 thru 12

 Remote Learning

Bible verses  Isaiah 53:1-6,  test Feb 26

ZOOM meetings  M W and F  10:30am

We will be talking about WV History during each meeting, bring your folder and your My State Notebook

Check for your assignments this week.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Week of February 1 thru February 5

 Bible memory verses  Isaiah 53:1-6,  test February 26, 2021

Valentine party     2/12/21  students may bring in a decorated box or                                                                packet for their valentines

Monday - Homework Spelling list 17, 1-20 words only

                                            Science chapter 6, study guide

Tuesday - Spelling pretest list 17, 1-20 words only

                   Homework  Spelling write missed words 2x and study for test

                                            Science chapter 6 study guide

Wednesday - Spelling test list 17

                     NO HOMEWORK

Thursday - introduce Spelling list 18

                   Science Test chapter 6              

                 Homework - Spelling write 2x

Friday - Homework Spelling list 18 write 2x

Friday, January 22, 2021

Week of January 25 thru January 29

 Bible memory verses  Isaiah 53: 1-6,  test February 26, 2021

Monday - Christmas Party in the afternoon

                 Homework -  Spelling list 16

Tuesday - Spelling pretest

                  Homework - write missed words 2x and study for test

Wednesday - Spelling test

                   NO HOMEWORK

Thursday - End of the 2nd nine weeks

                   Introduce Spelling list 17

                   Homework  write spelling 2x and study

Friday - Homework Spelling list 17  study for test on Wednesday of next week

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Week of January 18 thru Jan 22

                                                    WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL

Monday - HOLIDAY  Marth Luther King Jr. Day

Tuesday - Snow Day

Wednesday - getting back into the routine

Thursday - introduce Spelling list 16, 1-20 words and 3 vocabulary  impostor,                         taunt, and consecrate

                   Homework study Spelling

Friday -  a visit with Jimmy Ann (Mrs. Meadows bottle fed goat)

                    Homework study Spelling