Friday, September 21, 2018

The week of September 24 thru 28

Literature Fair September 25,  see NLCA home page for set up times, etc.

Parent Teacher Conference October 1, 2018
sign-up sheet outside the classroom

Bible memorization- Books of the OT, test on October 14,2018




Thursday   Homework- Spelling list 6, write 2x, purple

Friday  Homework- Spelling write 2x or may use Spell
                                  History Study guide chap 5 test on Monday

Friday, September 14, 2018

Week of September 17 thru September 21

**** NLCA will be collecting items to send to the Hurricane Florence victims.  We are asking you bring non-perishable food, gloves/masks, rubber boots, diapers and baby wipes to the school before noon on Tuesday.*****

Literature Fair September 25, 2018, mandatory for 4th graders

                       Grandparents Day  September 28, 2018

Bible - learn the books of the Old Testament, test on October 12, 2018

Monday- Homework Spelling List 4, write 2x
                                   Science chap 2 study guide, test on Tuesday

Tuesday- Spelling pretest
                 Science chap 2 test

                             Homework- Spelling write missed words 2x, study for test
                                                  History-answer questions pg 44-45, 1-15 on paper

Wednesday-Spelling test

                                NO HOMEWORK

Thursday-Spelling list 5, say spell say

                 Homework- Spelling list 5, write 2x purple
                                      History study guide chap 3-4, test on Friday

Friday- History test, chap 3-4

                  Homework-Spelling write 2x green
                                      Science answer questions CC3.4, pg 59  1-3 on paper

Friday, September 7, 2018

Week of September 10 thru September 14

Literature Fair Sept 25  mandatory participation 4th graders

Tuesday Sept 11,  9-11 program, parents welcome to attend

Monday- Homework Spelling list 3  write 2x
                                   History study guide chap 2

Tuesday-Spelling list 3 pretest

               Homework- Spelling -write missed words and definitions 2x, study for test
                                    Science -reread pgs. 15-18

Wednesday-Spelling test
                                NO HOMEWORK

Thursday-Spelling list 4, say, spell, say

                 Homework-Spelling -list 4 write 2x
                                     Bible -study Isaiah 53:1-6, test on Friday

 Friday-Bible test

              Homework-Spelling list 4 write 2x
                                   History-read pgs 36-38

Friday, August 31, 2018

Week of September 3 thru September 7

                              Literature Fair  September 25

**Literature Fair is mandatory for 4th graders.**

Bible memory verse  Isaiah 53:1-6, test September 14


Tuesday- Spelling list 2 pretest, words 1-20 only

                 Homework- Spelling write missed words 3x
                                      Reading read pgs 81-82 orally, 2x

Wednesday  Spelling Test, list 2

               NO HOMEWORK

Thursday-  Homework  Spelling list 3, write 2x
                                         History review study guide, chap 1-2, Test on Fri.

Friday-   History Test, chap 1-2

                   Homework  Spelling list 3, write 2x  in colored pencil
                                        Science read pgs 40-43, complete act. sheet 8

Monday, July 23, 2018

Welcome Back 4th grade!!!!

I trust you had a great summer and are ready to get to work.

The first day of school is August 20.

Supply list for 4th grade is posted on the school's home page under menu/forms.

Be sure and bring your supplies the first day of school, label your supplies with a black marker.

See you soon!

Mrs. Meadows

Friday, May 11, 2018

Week of May 14 thru May 16

           Last day of school for students is Wednesday, May 16, 2018.

                                      HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!

Fourth grade supply list can be found on the Home page menus/forms.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Week of May 7 thru May 11

Achievement testing May 7 thru May 11, 2018

                                ** REMEMBER**

Each student must have at least 2  #2 pencils,  cannot be mechanical
                     Make sure pencils have an eraser or bring one

Student Preparation for Testing:
     Be rested
     Have a good breakfast
     Bring the above materials
     Be here on Test Days

Healthy snacks will be provided, but students may bring their own healthy snack and a bottle of water.

Monday Testing during the morning
Tuesday Testing during the morning
Wednesday  Testing during the morning

Thursday  Pre k  graduation 10:00am
                  Kindergarten graduation 1:00pm.

Friday  Awards Ceremony 1:00pm