Friday, October 28, 2016

Week of October 31 thru November 4

Book Report  Song of the Brook due Nov 16

Bible memorize books of the Old Test  due Nov 16

Monday   Homework Spelling List 11  write all  2X

Tuesday  Spelling pretest
                Homework  Spelling write missed words 2x, study for test
                                     History Chapter 8 study guide, test on Wed

Wednesday  Spelling test
                     History Chapter 8 test

                     NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Introduce Spelling list 12

                                   Homework Spelling write all 2X

Friday  Homework Spelling write all 2X

Friday, October 21, 2016

Week of October 24 thru 28

Book Report  Song of the Brook  due November 17

Memorizing books of the Old Testament  due November 16

Monday   NO SCHOOL for NLCA

Tuesday  Homework  Spelling List 10 Test on Wed words 1-23 only
                                    Math  write 8 and 9 times tables  2X

Wednesday  Spelling Test

                     NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Ivy & Stone production  in the AM
                 Homework  Spelling List 11  write 2X
                                     History study guide Chapter 7

Friday  Snake Man will be here at NLCA in the AM with a display of various repiles for the                     students to observe
               History test Chapter 7
                                Homework Spelling List 11  write 2X

Friday, October 14, 2016

Week of October 17 thru 21

Bible verses Isaiah 53:7-12 due on Wednesday, October 19

Monday  Homework Spelling List 8 write 2 X
                                  History study guide Chapter 6

Tuesday  Spelling pretest
                History Chapter 6 Test

                Homework  Spelling write missed words 2X
                                    Science study guide Chapter 3

Wednesday  Spelling Test
                     Science Chapter 3 Test

                     NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Homework Spelling List 10  write 2X
                                    Math write 6 and 7 times tables

Friday       Homework  Spelling write 2X
                                     Math write 8 and 9 times tables

Friday, October 7, 2016

Week of October 10 thru 14

Bible memory verse Isaiah 53:7-12   due Oct 19

Monday  Literature Fair project due
                 NO HOMEWORK

Tuesday  DEAR DAY  Drop Everything and Read Day            Students may bring a pillow and a couple of books from home                                             to read

                      NO HOMEWORK

Wednesday   NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Homework  Spelling List 8 write all 2x

Friday        Homework  Spelling List 8 write 2X