Friday, October 27, 2017

Week of October 30 thru November 3

Bible memorization Isaiah 53: 7-12, test Nov. 16

oral book report, due Nov. 10

computer lab assignment, due Nov. 1

History project,  due Nov. 17

Monday  Homework Spelling List 11
                                          Science study guide chap. 4

Tuesday  Spelling pretest
                   Science Test chap 4

                Homework Spelling List 11

Wednesday  Spelling test

                    NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Introduce Spelling list 12
                     Homework Spelling
                                            History  questions 1-15, pgs 118/119

Friday   Homework Spelling

Friday, October 20, 2017

Week o October 23 thru 27

Bible memorization  Isaiah 53: 7-12, due Nov 16

Oral book report  due November 10,

History project - due November 17,  these projects will be completed in class.  Class has been divided into 3 groups.  Each group will complete a project that reflects colonial times in either the New England, middle or southern colonies.

***Computer assignment***   4th grade students have been given an assignment from computer lab,  it is due next Wednesday, November 1.  They have a 2 page handout with instructions.  The report can be handwritten as the information will be used to type their report in computer lab.

Monday   Homework Spelling List 10

Tuesday  Spelling pretest
                Field Trip - Dr. Foley

                Homework Spelling

Wednesday  Spelling Test

              NO HOMEWORK

Thursday   Introduce  Spelling list 11
                   Homework  Spelling
                                            History  study guide  Chap 8/9

Friday  History Test  Chap 8/9

              Homework  Spelling

Friday, October 13, 2017

Week of October 16 thru 20

Bible memorization   Books of the Old Testament    due October 16

oral book report  due November 10

Monday  Homework Spelling

Tuesday  Spelling pretest

                 Homework Spelling

Wednesday  Spelling Test

                 NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Introduce Spelling List 10

                 Homework Spelling

Friday  Homework  Spelling

Friday, October 6, 2017

Week of October 9 thru 13

Bible memorization - Books of the Old Testament   test Oct. 16

Literature Fair  October 10, 2017,  mandatory for fourth graders

Rachelle Wilfong, a local author, will be visiting NLCA on Oct 11
                             she will be reading her book and talking with students
                             You can purchase a copy of her book for $15.00.

Monday  Homework:  Spelling List 8
                                     Science study guide, Chapter 3  test on Tuesday

Tuesday  Spelling pretest
                Science Chapter 3 test

                 Homework  Spelling
                                      History answer questions pg 80-81, 1-23 on notebook paper

Wednesday  Spelling Test

                        NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Introduce Spelling List 9

                    Homework Spelling List 9

Friday  Homework Spelling List 9