Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week of May 2 thru May 6

REMINDERS:  Book report due May 11
                          Field trip  May 6    Carnifax Ferry

Monday Homework Spelling list 31
                                 History pg 193 answer questions 32-36

Tuesday  Spelling pre test

               Homework Spelling list 31
                                  History chapter 15 study guide test on Wed.

Wednesday Spelling test
                    History Chapter 15 test

                    NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Homework History pg 203  answer questions 1-11

Friday  Class field trip to Carnifax Ferry

             NO HOMEWORK

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Week of April 25 thru 29

REMINDERS:  Bible verse Hebrews 11: 25-28  due April 29
                           Book Report due May 11

Monday  Homework 
               Spelling study List 30  1 thru 25
               History study guide for chapter 14  Test on Tuesday

Tuesday Spelling pre test
               History Chapter 14 test

               Homework  Spelling List 30 1 thru 25  Test on Wednesday
                                  Health pg 20 Sections C and D

Wednesday  Spelling test

                    NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Homework  
                  Study Bible verses  Test on Friday
                  Health  reread pgs 21-27  complete Sections B and C pg 33

Friday  Bible Test

              Homework Spelling  study List 31
                                  Language write list of prepositions 1 X
                                  History answer questions 1-18 pgs 192-193

Friday, April 15, 2016

Week of April 18 thru 22

REMINDERS:  Bible Hebrews 11:25-28  due April 29
                          book Report due May 11

Monday  Homework  Spelling List 29
                                     WV History Notebook due Wednesday  April 20

Tuesday  Spelling pre test

                Field Trip to Dr. Foley's office

                Homework  Spelling List 29

Wednesday  Spelling Test
                     WV History Notebook due
                      NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Homework Spelling List 30
                                       Health   reread pgs 12-14, answer questions pg 14 on paper

Friday     School Field Trip  to the Circus

Friday, April 8, 2016

Week of April 11 thru 15

REMINDERS:  Hebrews 11:25-28  due April 29th
                          Last book report of the year, student's choice,                               book report will be due May 11

                          Field Trip to Dr. Foley's office planned for                                     Tuesday, April 19th

Monday   Homework study Spelling List 28
                                    Science  answer questions 9.4 on pg 208

Tuesday  Spelling pre test

    Homework  Spelling List 28
                         WV History study guide, test on Wed
                          WV History notebook, due April 20

Wednesday  Spelling Test
                     WV History Test

                     NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Begin memorizing States and their capitals

                  Homework  Science study guide chapter 9

Friday      Science Test Chapter 9

                 Homework  Spelling List 29