Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Week of January 3 thru 6


Bible verses 1 Corinthians 13: 1-6  due  January 31

book report due January 26

Tuesday Homework History answer questions 11-17 pg 145, on                                                 notebook paper

Wednesday  NO Homework

Thursday Homework Spelling list 17, write 2X
                                    History answer questions 18 thru 34, pg 145 on                                          notebook paper

Friday Homework Spelling write 2X

Friday, December 16, 2016

Week of December 19 thru 23

Monday  Book Report due 
                Homework Spelling write all words 2X

Tuesday Spelling pre test
               Homework write missed words 3 X

Wednesday  Spelling Test

                     Christmas Party 1:00
                      Boys buy boy gifts and girls buy girl gifts ($10.00 gift)

Thursday  Christmas Break begins

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Friday, December 9, 2016

Week of December 12 thru 16

Bible Verse  Isaiah 9: 6-7  due Dec 16

Book Report due Dec 19

***4th graders may earn extra credit in Spelling***
       Each week, locate a vocabulary word in an newspaper or magazine article.  bring in the clipping with the vocabulary word highlighted or underlined, can earn 3 points for each word up to 9 points per week.

Monday  Homework Spelling List 15 1-23  write 2X
                                   study Bible verses

Tuesday  Spelling pre test

                Homework Spelling write missed words 2X
                                    study Bible verses

Wednesday  Spelling test
                     NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  introduce Spelling List 16

                   Homework  write 2x

Friday  Bible test  Isaiah 9: 6-7
             Homework  write Spelling 2X

Friday, December 2, 2016

Week of December 5 thru 9

Bible verses Isaiah 9:6-7  due December 16

book report due December 19

Monday  Homework Spelling 1-23  write 2X

Tuesday  Spelling pre test
                Homework Spelling write missed words  2X

Wednesday  Spelling Test
                     NO Homework

Thursday  Christmas Play
                  No Homework

Friday  No Homework

Monday, November 28, 2016

Week of November 28 thru December 2

Bible verses Isaiah 9:6-7  due Dec 16

Book Report  due Dec 19

Monday  Homework  Chapter 10 study guide  test on Tuesday

Tuesday  History test Chapter 10
                No Homework

Wednesday  No Homework

Thursday Spelling List 14

                 Homework Spelling write words 2 X

Friday  Homework Spelling List 14 write 2X

Friday, November 11, 2016

Week of November 14 thru 18

Bible    Names of the books of the Old Testament  due Nov 16

Book Report   Song of the Brook due Nov 17

Monday Homework  Spelling List 13  write 2X

Tuesday  Homework  study books of the Old Testament,  test on Wednesday
                                    Spelling write   2X  Test on Wednesday

Wednesday  Bible Test  books of the Old Testament
                     Spelling Test

                      NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  No Homework

Friday  No Homework

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break!!!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Week of November 7 thru 11

Book Report  Song of the Brook  due Nov 17

Books of the Old Testament    due Nov 16

Monday  Homework  Spelling write all 2X
                                           History Chapter 9 study guide  test on Tuesday

Tuesday  Spelling pre test
                   History Chapter 9 test

                Homework  Spelling write missed words  3X

Wednesday  Spelling test

                    NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Introduce Spelling List 13
                     Homework  Spelling write all words 2 X

Friday    Homework  Spelling write all words  2X

Friday, October 28, 2016

Week of October 31 thru November 4

Book Report  Song of the Brook due Nov 16

Bible memorize books of the Old Test  due Nov 16

Monday   Homework Spelling List 11  write all  2X

Tuesday  Spelling pretest
                Homework  Spelling write missed words 2x, study for test
                                     History Chapter 8 study guide, test on Wed

Wednesday  Spelling test
                     History Chapter 8 test

                     NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Introduce Spelling list 12

                                   Homework Spelling write all 2X

Friday  Homework Spelling write all 2X

Friday, October 21, 2016

Week of October 24 thru 28

Book Report  Song of the Brook  due November 17

Memorizing books of the Old Testament  due November 16

Monday   NO SCHOOL for NLCA

Tuesday  Homework  Spelling List 10 Test on Wed words 1-23 only
                                    Math  write 8 and 9 times tables  2X

Wednesday  Spelling Test

                     NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Ivy & Stone production  in the AM
                 Homework  Spelling List 11  write 2X
                                     History study guide Chapter 7

Friday  Snake Man will be here at NLCA in the AM with a display of various repiles for the                     students to observe
               History test Chapter 7
                                Homework Spelling List 11  write 2X

Friday, October 14, 2016

Week of October 17 thru 21

Bible verses Isaiah 53:7-12 due on Wednesday, October 19

Monday  Homework Spelling List 8 write 2 X
                                  History study guide Chapter 6

Tuesday  Spelling pretest
                History Chapter 6 Test

                Homework  Spelling write missed words 2X
                                    Science study guide Chapter 3

Wednesday  Spelling Test
                     Science Chapter 3 Test

                     NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Homework Spelling List 10  write 2X
                                    Math write 6 and 7 times tables

Friday       Homework  Spelling write 2X
                                     Math write 8 and 9 times tables

Friday, October 7, 2016

Week of October 10 thru 14

Bible memory verse Isaiah 53:7-12   due Oct 19

Monday  Literature Fair project due
                 NO HOMEWORK

Tuesday  DEAR DAY  Drop Everything and Read Day            Students may bring a pillow and a couple of books from home                                             to read

                      NO HOMEWORK

Wednesday   NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Homework  Spelling List 8 write all 2x

Friday        Homework  Spelling List 8 write 2X

Friday, September 30, 2016

Week of October 3 thru 7

Bible Memory Verse Isaiah 53:7-12, due Oct 19

Literature Fair October 10

Monday  Homework Spelling List 7, shortened list this week, only words 1-23 will be                                     on test
                                History Chapter 4 study guide

Tuesday Spelling pretest
               History Chapter 4 Test

               Homework Spelling
                                  Math 6 and 7 times tables, write 2 X

Wednesday Math quiz 6 and 7 times tables
                   Spelling Test

                    NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Homework   Math 8 and 9 times tables, write 2X
                                    Spelling Write 2X List 8

Friday  Math quiz  8 and 9 times tables

                      Homework  Spelling write 2X
                                         Science Chapter 3 study guide 


Friday, September 23, 2016

Week of September 26 thru 30

Bible Memory Verses Isaiah 53:7-12 due Oct 19

Literature Fair October 10

See You at the Pole Wednesday instead of Chapel.....

Grandparent's Day  Friday, September 30

Monday  Homework Spelling List 6 write 2X
                                   Science answer questions Comp Check 3.5 and section B pg 73

Tuesday Spelling pretest

               Homework Spelling study for Test
                                   History answer questions 8-21 pg 55

Wednesday Spelling Test

                NO Homework

Thursday  Homework Spelling List 7  write 2 x
                                      History study guide Chapter 5  Test on Tuesday, Oct 4


              NO HOMEWORK

Friday, September 16, 2016

Week of September 19 thru 23

Literature Fair October 10, 2016
Bible memory verses  Isaiah 53:7-12   due October 19, 2016

Monday  Homework Spelling List 5, write 2 X                                                                                                                  History answer questions on notebook paper pg 45, 17-30

Tuesday  Spelling pretest

                Homework  Spelling List 5 study for test
                                     History Chapter 3 study guide

Wednesday  Spelling test                      
                     History test Chapter 3

                      NO HOMEWORK

Thursday    Homework Spelling List 6  write 2 X  
                                       Reading  pgs 177-179, read silently and out loud

Friday          Homework Spelling write 2X                                         
                      Reading pgs 187-189 silently and out loud

Friday, September 9, 2016

Week of September 12 thru 16

Bible Memory Verse Isaiah 53: 1-6  due Friday, September 16

If you would like to take part in honoring community helpers, send a bag of individually wrapped life savers to the school by Tuesday, September 13.

Monday Homework  Spelling List 4 write words 2 x
                                   Math   Write and practice 7 and 8 times tables

Tuesday  Spelling pretest

                Homework  Spelling study list 4
                                     Science study guide Chapter 2

Wednesday  Spelling Test
                     Science Chapter 2 Test

                      NO HOMEWORK

Thursday     Homework Spelling List 5, write 2 x
                                        Write 8 and 9 times tables and practice

Friday           Bible Test  Memory verses
                     Homework   Spelling write words 2x
                                           Science  comprehension check 3.3  pg 52 answer questions on                                              notebook paper

Monday, September 5, 2016

Week of September 5 thru 9

Bible Memory Verse Isaiah 53: 1-6  due Sept 16

Tuesday  Spelling pre test List 3  shortened due to holiday 1-20 only

                Homework  Spelling Test  1-20
                                     History Chap 2 study guide, test on Wednesday

Wednesday  Spelling Test
                     History Chapter 2 Test
                     NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Homework Spelling List 4
                                     Math practice multiplication tables 8 and 9

Friday   Homework Spelling List 4
                                 Science  AB sheet 11 and answer questions pg 45

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Week of August 29 thru September 2

Bible memory verse  Isaiah 53:1-6  due Sept 16

Monday History Test Chapter 1
               Homework  Spelling study List 2  pre test on Tuesday
                                    Science  complete activity sheet

Tuesday  Spelling pre test
                Science quiz

                Homework  practice multiplication tables
                                    Spelling study List 2 Test on Wednesday

Wednesday  Spelling Test

                 NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Math Test

                  Homework  History answer questions pg 23  1-5
                                       Science complete activity sheet

Friday  Homework practice multiplication tables
                                History answer questions 6-19

Friday, August 19, 2016

Discipline Policy

Classroom Rules

Be Respectful  (Raise your hand for permission to speak and etc.)

Be prepared  (Complete assignments and homework)

Be Productive  (Always have something at your desk to work on, complete unfinished work or read a library book)

If a rule is broken, student will walk 10 minutes at recess.  

Week of August 22 thru 26

Bible Memory Verse  Isaiah 53: 1-6  due September 16, 

Monday  Homework  Spelling List 1
                                   History  review Chapter 1 pg 1-8, quiz on Tuesday

Tuesday  Spelling pre test
              History quiz

             HOMEWORK  Spelling List 1

Wednesday  Spelling Test

              No HOMEWORK

Thursday  introduce Spelling List 2
                Homework  History  finish answering questions 1-22, pg 15
                                    Science  read pgs 20-23, answer questions 1-2, pg 23 Comp
                                                 Check 2.3

Friday   Homework  Study Spelling List 2 and complete activity
                                 review History study guide Chapter 1, test on Monday

Friday, August 12, 2016

Fourth Grade Parents,

I will be available Monday, August 15, from 3:00- 4:30pm to meet with  you and your child.  This would be a great opportunity for you to meet me and have a look around the fourth grade classroom.

Looking forward to a great year.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hello Parents,

I can hardly believe that summer is almost over and another school year is ready to get underway.  I look forward to meeting you and having your children in my class this year.  The supply list for fourth graders is located on the school website under menus/forms.  Enjoy the rest of the summer.

See you soon,
Mrs. Meadows

Friday, May 20, 2016

Week of May 23 thru 25

Monday  School as usual.

Tuesday  School as usual and some fun in fourth grade.

Wednesday  Awards Ceremony and students may leave after.

Fourth graders have a great summer.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Week of May 16 thru 20

REMINDERS:  Achievement Tests Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday May 17, 18 and 19

Be sure your child gets plenty of rest.  
Students may bring in a healthy snack on test days.  
Students also need 2  #2 pencils and a calculator.

There will be NO HOMEWORK this week.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Week of May 9 thru 13

REMINDER:  Book Report due May  11

Monday  Homework History answer questions pg 198
                                   Spelling List 32  words only 1-25

Tuesday  Spelling pre test

                Homework Spelling
                                    History answer questions 1-11 pg 203

Wednesday  Spelling Test  words only 1-25

                     NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Homework History answer questions 12-22 on pg 203

Friday  Homework Spelling List 33
             History review study guide

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week of May 2 thru May 6

REMINDERS:  Book report due May 11
                          Field trip  May 6    Carnifax Ferry

Monday Homework Spelling list 31
                                 History pg 193 answer questions 32-36

Tuesday  Spelling pre test

               Homework Spelling list 31
                                  History chapter 15 study guide test on Wed.

Wednesday Spelling test
                    History Chapter 15 test

                    NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Homework History pg 203  answer questions 1-11

Friday  Class field trip to Carnifax Ferry

             NO HOMEWORK

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Week of April 25 thru 29

REMINDERS:  Bible verse Hebrews 11: 25-28  due April 29
                           Book Report due May 11

Monday  Homework 
               Spelling study List 30  1 thru 25
               History study guide for chapter 14  Test on Tuesday

Tuesday Spelling pre test
               History Chapter 14 test

               Homework  Spelling List 30 1 thru 25  Test on Wednesday
                                  Health pg 20 Sections C and D

Wednesday  Spelling test

                    NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Homework  
                  Study Bible verses  Test on Friday
                  Health  reread pgs 21-27  complete Sections B and C pg 33

Friday  Bible Test

              Homework Spelling  study List 31
                                  Language write list of prepositions 1 X
                                  History answer questions 1-18 pgs 192-193

Friday, April 15, 2016

Week of April 18 thru 22

REMINDERS:  Bible Hebrews 11:25-28  due April 29
                          book Report due May 11

Monday  Homework  Spelling List 29
                                     WV History Notebook due Wednesday  April 20

Tuesday  Spelling pre test

                Field Trip to Dr. Foley's office

                Homework  Spelling List 29

Wednesday  Spelling Test
                     WV History Notebook due
                      NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Homework Spelling List 30
                                       Health   reread pgs 12-14, answer questions pg 14 on paper

Friday     School Field Trip  to the Circus

Friday, April 8, 2016

Week of April 11 thru 15

REMINDERS:  Hebrews 11:25-28  due April 29th
                          Last book report of the year, student's choice,                               book report will be due May 11

                          Field Trip to Dr. Foley's office planned for                                     Tuesday, April 19th

Monday   Homework study Spelling List 28
                                    Science  answer questions 9.4 on pg 208

Tuesday  Spelling pre test

    Homework  Spelling List 28
                         WV History study guide, test on Wed
                          WV History notebook, due April 20

Wednesday  Spelling Test
                     WV History Test

                     NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Begin memorizing States and their capitals

                  Homework  Science study guide chapter 9

Friday      Science Test Chapter 9

                 Homework  Spelling List 29

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Week of April 4 thru 8

REMINDERS:  Bible verses Hebrews 11:25-28  due April 29th
                           Book Report due April 6th

Monday  Homework  WV History study guide quiz on Tuesday
                                    Science  reread pg 193-196 answer questions Comp Ck 9.1 on  paper

Tuesday       No Homework

Wednesday  No Homework

Thursday  Homework Spelling List 28
                                       WV History study guide Quiz on Friday
                                      Science Comp Ck 9.2 pg 199  and 9.3  pg 205  answer questions on paper

Friday   Homework   Spelling List 28
                                     WV History gather pictures for notebook

Friday, March 18, 2016

Week of March 21 thru March 24

REMINDERS:  Bible verses  Heb 11:20-24 due March 24th
                            Book Report due  April 6

Monday  Homework Spelling List 25

Tuesday  Homework Spelling List 25 
                                   Science study terms Test on Wednesday Chapter 8

Wednesday Spelling Test
                    Science Test Chapter 8

                    NO HOMEWORK

Thursday Bible Test Heb 11: 20-24

Friday  No school

Happy Easter  Enjoy your Spring Break

Friday, March 11, 2016

Week of March 14 thru 18

REMINDERS:  Bible verses Hebrews 11:20-24  due March 24   Book report due April 6

Monday  Homework Spelling list 25
                West Virginia History study guide
Tuesday   West Virginia History Test
                 Spelling pre test

                 Homework  Spelling 
                                      Science review terms, study guide

Wednesday  Spelling test
                     NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Homework Science Chapter 8 review
                                     complete sections C and D pg 192

Friday    Homework Science chapter 8 review study guide
                                  test on Monday

Friday, March 4, 2016

Week of March 7 thru 11

REMINDERS:  Bible verse Hebrews 11: 20-24  due March 24th
                            Book Report  marine invertebrate or marine                                      mammals  due April 6

Monday  Homework Spelling List 24
                Science cc 8.2 pg 177 answer questions on notebook paper

Tuesday  Spelling pretest
                 Homework Spelling study for test on Wednesday
                                     WV History study guide quiz on Wednesday

Wednesday Spelling Test
                    NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Homework WV History study guide  Test on Friday

Friday  WV History Test
              Homework Science  cc 8.6 answer questions on notebook paper

Monday, February 29, 2016

Week of February 29 thru March 4

*** Spelling test will be on Wednesday, March 2

Monday  Getting back into the swing of things after a few snow days.
                Book Report rough draft

                Homework Spelling List 23 pre test on Tuesday
                                   Science begin reviewing Chapter 7, Test on Wednesday

Tuesday Spelling pretest
               Book Report final draft

               Homework Spelling test on Wednesday
                                  WV History review study guide quiz on Thursday
                                   Science review Chapter 7 test on Wednesday

Wednesday  Spelling Test
                     Science Test Chapter 7

                     NO HOMEWORK

Thursday Introduce Spelling List 24
                 quiz WV History

                  Homework Spelling complete puzzle
                                      Science answer questions Comprehension Check 8.1 pg 174

Friday  Homework Spelling List 24
                                WV History study guide, quiz on Monday                

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week of February 22 thru 26

REMINDERS:  Bible verses Hebrews 11:17-19 due Feb 29
                           Book report due Feb 26

Monday  Spelling List 23
               Homework Spelling list 23
               Homework  WV History   Fourth grade will begin a six week study of West Virginia History.  Students will complete a My State Notebook  at the end of the 6 weeks.  Students may begin collecting brochures, post cards and pictures of their state to use in completing their state notebook.


Tuesday  Homework  study spelling

Wednesday  NO Homework

Thursday  Spelling  pre-test

                 Homework Spelling test on Friday
                                    Science review Chapter 7  test on Monday, Feb 29

Friday Spelling Test List 23

             Homework  Science  Review Chapter 7

Friday, February 12, 2016

Week of Febrary 15 thru 19

REMINDERS:  Bible verses Hebrews 11:17-19  test Feb 29
                          Book Report due Feb 26

Monday Language Test
               Homework  Spelling List 22
                                    Science answer questions pg 153

Tuesday  Homework  History answer questions 11-20 pg 161
                                     Spelling list 22

Wednesday Math test
                     NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Spelling pre test
                  Homework  Spelling
                                       History answer questions 21-28 pg 161 and study for test

Friday  Spelling test
             History test Chapter 9

Friday, February 5, 2016

Week of February 8 thru 12

REMINDERS:  Book Report due 2/26/2016
                          Bible verses  Hebrews 11:17-19 due  2/29/2016

Monday   Bible Test (Samuel, King Saul and David)
                 Science Chapter 6 Test

                 Homework  Spelling List 21

Tuesday  Spelling pre test
                Language Test (review punctuation and capitalization, subjects and verbs)

                Homework Spelling List 21
                History answer questions 11-20 pg 161 on notebook paper

Wednesday Spelling test

                NO Homework

Thursday Math test

                Homework History answer questions 21-28 pg 161 on notebook paper,
                                     study terms

Friday   History Test Chapter 9

                                  Valentine Party 2:00

Friday, January 29, 2016

Week of February 1 thru 5

Bible Verse  Hebrews 11:17-19,    Test date  February 29, 2016

Book Report   biography, historical figure   due Feb 26, 2016

Monday  Homework   Spelling  List 20

Tuesday  pre Test  Spelling
               Homework  Spelling
                                   History  answer quest 1-10 pg 160 on 
                                   notebook paper

Wednesday  Spelling Test
                     No homework

Thursday  Homework Spelling List 21
                                    History questions 11-20 pg 161  answer on
                                    notebook paper

Friday  Homework  Spelling
                                Science study guide for Chapter 6, Test on Monday

Friday, January 15, 2016

Week of January 18 thru 22

Monday    Holiday  Martin Luther King Day

Tuesday    Spelling pre test List 19
                  Homework Spelling
                        History answer questions 11-17 on pg 145

Wednesday   Spelling Test

                      No Homework

Thursday       Homework History answer quest 18-34 pg 145

                      Study for chap 12 Test

Friday      History Test Chapter 12

REMINDER  Book Report Saved at Sea due Wed Jan 20

Friday, January 8, 2016

Week of January 11 thru 15

Fourth graders are settling in after Christmas break and are hard at work.

Remember Bible verses Hebrews 11: 12-16 are due January 15.

Book Report due January 20.  Students will work on rough draft in class, Tuesday January 19.

Monday Homework Spelling  List 18
                                         Science Chapter 5 review terms

Tuesday  Spelling pre test
                         Homework  Spelling
                                              Science review Chapter 5  Test on Wednesday

Wednesday  Spelling Test
                                 Science Test Chapter 5
                     No Homework

Thursday   Introduce Spelling List 19
                   Homework  Language Test (Verbs) review handbook: verb, state of
                                 being verbs, helping verbs, compound verb and verb phrase
                   History Chapter 12 answer questions 11-17, pg 145

Friday  Language Test (verbs)
                    Homework Spelling
                                        Science answer questions pg 133 comprehension check 6.1

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week of January 4 thru 8

Welcome back and Happy New Year

Monday Homework Spelling List 17

Tuesday Homework Spelling List 17
                                  Science pg 123 answer questions 5.10

Wednesday Spelling Test
                    No Homework

Thursday  Homework Spelling List 18
                                    History Study Guide Chapter 11

Friday History Test Chapter 11
                         Homework Spelling