Friday, August 30, 2019

Week of September 2 thru September 6

Bible verses Isaiah 53:1-6

Literature Fair will be held October 3, 2019

Monday - HOLIDAY

Tuesday Spelling pretest List 2 1-20

                Homework Spelling- write missed words 2X

Wednesday Spelling Test List 2

                   NO HOMEWORK

Thursday Homework Spelling List 3 write 2X
                            History pg 23, answer questions 1-9 on paper

Friday Homework Spelling List 3 write 2x
                           History pg 23, answer questions 10-19 on paper

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Week of August 26- August 30

**Parents need to reimburse NLCA $17.00 for planner and God's World.

***Students need to wear tennis shoes for PE and recess(if inside).

Bible memory verses  Isaiah 5 3:1-6, test September 20, 2019

****Literature Fair is mandatory for fourth graders.  Students must choose book and get approval by this week.  Lit. Fair will be held at NLCA on October 3, 2019.

*****Thursday, August 29, 2019  PICTURE Day

*******Parents do not line up for pickup until 2:45.  

Monday  Homework Spelling List 1, study for pretest 1-20 words only
                                   Science activity sheet

Tuesday  Spelling pretest

                Homework Spelling write missed words 2x
                                    History pg.15 answer questions 1-10 on paper

Wednesday  Spelling test List 1  1-20 words only

                      NO HOMEWORK

Thursday  Picture Day         Homework Spelling List 2, write 2X
                                                             Reading  read orally pg. 50-51

Friday Homework Spelling List 2, write 2X
                                History pg. 15, 11-22 answer questions on paper

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Week of August 22 thru August 23

                    WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL

                  I trust everyone had a great summer.

Bible memory verses : Isaiah 53:1-6, test will be 
                                           September 20, 2019

**Parents need to reimburse NLCA $17.00 for planner and God's World.**

***Students need to wear or bring tennis shoes for PE and recess(if indoors).***

Thursday- Homework Spelling List 1 write words, vocabulary and definitions- 2 times.

Friday -Homework Spelling List 1 write words, vcabulary and definitions - 2 times

Fourth Grade Homework Policy

Fourth grade homework will usually consist of two (2) different subjects.  Sometimes a student will need to complete work not finished in class, for example, daily math sheets.

Homework is written in the planner each day by the student.  Please check their planner daily and initial when homework assignments have been completed.

Spelling tests are given every Wednesday .  Pretests are given on Tuesday.  Spelling should be studied every night.  

If a student does not complete their homework they may be required to take part of their recess and complete the assignment.